A Royal Occasion

Now then.  Every so often us Ministers get an occasion to look forward to.  An unexpected invitation arrives in the post and no matter what is in the diary you move heaven and earth to accept the invitation…

Bothwell Parish Church welcomed a very special visitor to their rededication service The Princess Royal Princess Anne attended the service amidst lots of security of course.  And I was there too lapping up the atmosphere and feeling a little special to have been invited.  Invitation card and passport in hand I was admitted to the church.

Just a little time back Bothwell completed a major renovation project at their church. The sanctuary is based around a medieval chapel of 1398.  Bothwell is a pretty unique place and without question deserving of the preservation that took place. It took a lot of skill, time and money to set it right again so you can appreciate why it is such special occasion when the work is done and (hopefully) all is good for the next 500 years or more!

HRH The Princess Royal was patron for the restoration project and I dare say that without that patronage the £2 million required would not have been raised. In another way the presence of royalty is affirming of the church’s place in history and in today’s society.  You might disagree with me on that one. If you do feel free to write a reply!