Just War?

Did the world change last night while I was asleep?

Overnight the USA launched an attack on a military base in Syria in response to the use of chemical agents on Syrian civilians.  We are all aware that the situation in Syria is complex but just how complex is beyond our imagining.  Some have described it as the Third World War and given the number of nations involved in the conflict that’s not a bad description.

For centuries Christian writers and thinkers have argued about the Just War.  When is it right to go to war?  Mostly that comes down on the side of defending the defenceless and the innocent.  Is that what the USA have done?  Has the USA stepped in to defend defenceless civilians from indiscriminate chemical attack?  Can it ever be right just to sit back and do nothing?

Even if the USA has taken morally defensible action some say they have broken international law. Without the approval of the  United Nations the USA have acted unilaterally.  It can be seen as an act of aggression against Syria whose ally is Russia.  Need I say more?  Two Super Powers with a history of mis-trust.  The potential for escalation must be recognised.

And that’s part of the problem too.  For fear of escalation of conflict we have not defended the defenceless, nor made the refugee especially welcome they have fled for their lives.

Do you have an opinion on the USA’s attack on Syria?