Maybe, before we start analysing who did what and why it might be good to stop for a moment and remember those whose lives have been torn apart by the actions the suicide bomber at Manchester arena.  I invite you to join in this prayer with me…

Father God, we live in an unjust world where the innocent are targeted and lives are destroyed.  As we pray to you Lord we remember those who died in the attack at Manchester Arena, so many of them young lives, young people with futures so tragically taken from them.  We pray for parents grieving and bewildered by the events that have taken place.  Give them strength to survive the ordeal they have been thrown into without warning and without choice.  We pray for those injured in the bomb blast who will always bear the scars in body and in mind of what they witnessed and how that moment of normality was changed to a time of tragedy; Lord give them inward strength of spirit and openness of heart to receive the help others bring to them.  We remember our security services and our emergency services who have to confront scenes of horror, whose lives will never be the same again, who sacrifice something of themselves in order to save others.  Amen

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  1. RevKev

    I think we all knew it was just a matter of time until someone carried out an attack on Muslims in some kind of revenge hate crime. Today we learn of Muslim worshippers being run down as they left their Mosque. An increase of senseless violence only makes our society worse. Those who strive to overcome that hatred, who work for peace, who embrace their neighbour no matter their race or religion will be blessed by God; they are God’s children.

    Lets make sure you and I are amongst those who work for peace even in our own small way. Why not take a few moments to pray for those families whose lives have been changed as they emerged from their Mosque to then be attacked.

    Father God, we believe you hold us all in your hand, we are all your children. No matter what our religion or religious practices as human beings we all endure griefs and pain, sorrow and heartache; we have more in common that that which divides us. May your love touch those who are now grieving as the result of senseless violence and a need for revenge. Help us to love our neighbour as you taught us to do. AMEN

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