Grenfell Tower… A moment for prayer

Take a moment.  Stop and pray for someone you may not know or ever meet.

We woke on the morning of Wednesday 14th June to news of an horrific fire at Grenfell Tower, London.  And sometimes all you can do is pray.  Join us in this prayer for those touched by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.  You are welcome to leave your own words of prayer too.

We know Lord that lives have been lost and we place them into your everlasting arms.

We know too Lord that many many people have been traumatised by the events they have just lived through, lucky to escape with their lives, lucky to escape injury but so anxious for friends and family and neighbours who are not yet accounted for. We can only begin to imagine how distressing the circumstances have been when we hear of people jumping from windows, throwing their children and babies to safety in the arms of strangers. We pray that they survived.

We pray for those hospitalised through injury. Lord, of course we pray for their speedy recovery knowing that for some life will never be as it was before.

Lord God we pray for more than recovery from physical injury, we pray for healing of emotions, healing of the spirit, healing of the mind that all who have been touched by this tragedy might once again find peace of heart and peace of mind through your loving presence with them.

Lord hear us as we pray for victims and survivors, Fire Service and Police Service, Ambulance crews and Medical staff, kind passersby who helped and all who have responded in compassion to their neighbour…