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East Kilbride at 70 and it’s not all good…

East Kilbride celebrates 70 years since its founding and it should be something to celebrate not least for the fact that it is still a growing community; the 6th largest centre of population in Scotland.  The population stands at around 74,000 but not everyone of its residents is happy.   Some feel the town is not well served and is suffering from neglect of infrastructure and services.

Below are the thoughts of one East Kilbride resident.  What are your thoughts? What are your stories?

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I have lived in East Kilbride for 47 years and have never been as disgusted with the services we are receiving. Thanks to the Scottish government and South Lanarkshire council we are now the poor relations of South Lanarkshire

Out of hours doctors CLOSED have to go to Hamilton
Police Station CLOSED at 6pm have to go to Hamilton
Registrars CLOSED Tuesday Wednesday Thursday have to go to Hamilton or Rutherglen

East Kilbride has a population of 74411 Hamilton 53188 Rutherglen 25000 can you therefore explain why the largest town by far has had so many services removed?

The Scottish government and South Lanarkshire council obviously assume that every household in East Kilbride have a car. Having experience of using the doctors out of hours I know you are given a half hour time slot to get to Hamilton. This would not be possible on public transport so are the people of East Kilbride expected to pay taxi fares to Hamilton with a sick child/adult. I have been complaining about this to the Scottish government since 2015 and nothing has changed. We have a new Hunter health centre why can that not accommodate a doctors out of hours?

East Kilbride 70th birthday
Priestknowe roundabout which was one of the few roundabouts planted with flowers has now been half covered in chips. This also applies to the gardens in front of Barr Terrace.
The roundabout at the loch is an absolute disgrace. The boat badly needs a coat of paint, torn weed mat is sticking out all over it and it is covered in weeds. As South Lanarkshire appears to have an abundance of chips perhaps the loch roundabout could be completely refurbished or is it a case no one bothers as they are going to put a dual carriageway through Stewartfield.  The loch is one of East Kilbride’s attractions and the first thing visitors will see is an eyesore. With South Lanarkshire giving permission to demolish the Stewartfield farm it is no wonder we have no faith in our local authority.

The Scottish government has substantially increased our council tax so surely we can at least get a few flowers for the 70th celebration.”

Marion Craig

Author: RevKev

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  1. Jean hindmarch Posted on 06/25/2017 at 12:25

    I agree whole heartily with this email. I have lived in East Kilbride since 1963.. When the town was under the Development Corporation it was the greatest place to live. Once we joined with South Lanarkshire the deterioration of East Kilbride commenced. Every spare corner of East Kilbride is being built on a lot of which I personally would not like to live in.. The amount of revenue we here subscribe to South Lanarkshire is most certainly not being fairly spent here. The roads and pavements are a disgrace.. The gardens of a lot of the rented houses very overgrown. When we were all tanants if we did not attend to our gardens the Development Corporation did them and sent in a bill. The pavements.when covered in snow (and there was a lot of snow in those days) had to be cleared by the tenants for the complete length of their property. Therefor the streets were attractive and well kept. I could go on and on but I’m sure that I”m not alone.jea

  2. Jean hindmarch Posted on 06/25/2017 at 12:32

    I don,t know where ter error in my email is but the long and short of it is that East Kilbride subscribe more yhan any other area to South Lanarkshire and get very little job return. Pavements and pThways are a disgrace as well as the roads although some roads seem to be getting repaired according to the East Kilbride News I only pe this continues throughout the remainder of East Kilbride.

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