An Invitation…

Don’t care what you say it’s hard to resist a nice invitation.  

The Minister, Rev Kevin Mackenzie, recently received a very nice invitation to be Moderator of Hamilton Presbytery 2018 / 19.  The invitation came via the Presbytery’s Nominations Committee and after a little time to think it through and give it some prayerful consideration gladly Rev Mackenzie accepted the nomination.  This was agreed at the Presbytery meeting of Tuesday 1st May 2018.

Rev Mackenzie does not officially step into the role of Moderator until September of this year but there will be plenty to do to get ready for September.

So what does the Moderator do?  The simple answer would be to say moderate or chair the Presbytery meetings.  However there can be other services like the Ordination and Induction of a Minister to a new charge, a range of other Presbytery business and of course being the face of the Presbytery at special occasions, events and services.

Whatever comes along it is a privilege to serve the church in this broader capacity and to open oneself to meet the challenges it will inevitably bring.

At the same time Rev Mackenzie will continue in his role as Vice Convener of Ecumenical Relations trusting that the two commitments will enhance each other although they will both create their demands on time and energy.