Prayers for Alesha

There is every chance that you have been touched by the news reports surrounding Alesha McPhail, the six year old girl found dead on the Isle of Bute.  Sometimes we find it hard to know how to respond to such tragic events.  Certainly, there is no easy or adequate response but one way of expressing our concern for others is to pray for them.  You might want to use the words of this prayer which will also be used in Church when as a congregation we will pray together.

Father God, we come to remember a family in distress at the death of their six-year old daughter Alesha McPhail.  We can hardly take in that such a tragic thing should happen on the tranquil Isle of Bute, a place for holidays and day trips, a small community where everyone knows everyone. And a little girl goes to say with her grandmother to enjoy the holidays, parents sure in the knowledge that she is safe and happy.

And we pray for a teenage boy arrested on suspicion of causing a little girl’s death, and we cannot help but wonder why, and what went wrong, and how awful it is that so many lives are forever marked by these sad events.

We pray for healing of deep hurts, we pray for justice, we pray for your Spirit Lord to give hurting families strength to face all that is to come through court cases and media coverage when their lives are scrutinised and criticised.  Lord hear us in our prayers…