Remembrance Poppies

It is already well publicised that 2018 is one hundred years since the end of the First World War.  Special events are taking place up and down the country to mark the end of the First War.

Remembrance services are part of the normal pattern of activity and worship in Westwood church as every year on the Sunday closest to Armistice (11th November) we come together in a Remembrance Service.  This year Remembrance Sunday and Armistice coincide and we want it to be a special time for remembering those who gave their all during the First War AND you can help with that.

We already have people knitting or crocheting poppies that will help form a flowing display within the church, the more poppies we have the more it will take on the form of a collective Remembrance. Below is a PDF file for download that will give you a knitting / crocheting pattern for a two or three petal poppy.  All you’ll need apart from the needles is some red wool (obviously!) and a black button to form the centre of the poppy.  Every poppy will be individual just as every soldier who sacrificed their all was an individual.  Knit as many as you want there are no limits or quotas.

Completed poppies should be handed into Westwood Church by end of October or very beginning of November.  Thank you for your help and thank you for remembering.

It goes without saying that you are welcome to join us on Sunday 11th November at 10.30am for our service of Remembrance just as you are welcome every Sunday.

Crocheted Poppies