From the Pulpit 09 Dec 2018

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We celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper again on Wednesday evening at 7pm.

Today in the Hall of Fellowship you can participate in one, either, both or neither of our Christmas projects of “A Christmas Card for All” with donations going to Loaves and Fishes and / Or a “Remembering Bauble for the Tree” with donations going to Christian Aid.

Sunday 16thDecember we enjoy the family Christmas Party in our church halls during the afternoon. Tickets are available at £2 per adult and £1 per child.  That same evening Dynamica Brass Band present their Christmas Concert here at 7pm.  Tickets can be purchased at the door for the concert at £4 each.  All proceeds from the concert go to Dynamica.

Wednesday 19thDecember Prayer Time and Tea ‘n Toast get together to host a Christmas service at 10am within the Sanctuary.  All are welcome but it may particularly suit those who don’t wish to be out late at night for a Christmas Eve Watchnight service.

Our Sunday School and Focus Group Nativity takes place on Sunday 23rdDecember.

For those who normally attend Kirk Lunches let me remind you that lunches have now stopped for the Christmas New Year break but will resume on 8thJanuary 2019.

Today is in some respects a sad day.  Through the last 24 years Margaret McEwen has been employed as a cleaner around our church and halls.  Keeping our church clean is like painting the Forth Rail Bridge; it is never ending, often unnoticed and often a thankless task.  Margaret indicated a few weeks ago that she wished to take her retirement.  Today is Margaret’s last day in post.  The Kirk Session will be marking Margaret’s retirement at tomorrow evening’s reception for staff and volunteers.  But today we simply wish Margaret every blessing for the future and many happy years to come with fewer obligations to spoil the fun.

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