From the Pulpit 23 Dec 2018

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We gather in our church on Christmas Eve at 11.30pm for our traditional Watchnight service that takes us into Christmas Day.

For those who might wish a Christmas Day service Greenhills Parish is hosting a communion service at 11am.

A Big Thank You to all who organised and ran our Family Christmas Party last Sunday.  It was another successful event within our church enjoyed by all who took part.  The Party was followed by Dynamica Christmas Concert and again a number of our ladies stayed on to help with teas and the like.  It proved to be a long and exhausting day.  We are all grateful for the work that was put in and the way it has enhanced the reputation of our church in the community.

For those who attend Prayer Time they might wish to note that a seasonal break means that prayer time resumes on Wednesday 9thJanuary.

We gather as normal on Sunday 30thDecember at 10.30am

It will not be until the New Year that the Kirk Session has the opportunity to review the future of the cleaning post from which Margaret McEwen has just retired.  I hope therefore that there might be a few volunteers who might be prepared to do cleaning in the sanctuary, hall of fellowship, office and vestry.  If you can help with that please put your name and contact details on the list in the Hall of Fellowship.  Copies of a cleaning schedule are also there for your information.

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