Prayers for Frank

It is often difficult to know how to respond to tragic events within our community. Sometimes, when we don’t know the people or families involved it is easy to just let these events go by without comment. But we are wrong to do so for there are people who are hurting, hearts broken and lives destroyed. As a Christian community we are called to love and even if we don’t wish to intrude on the lives of those who are hurting and who may not share our faith in Jesus Christ we can still up hold them in prayer.

The words below are taken from prayers said in church on Sunday 27 January after details had been released in local press.

Lord Jesus, we are sometimes lost for words. Words do not capture the sense of pain and loss that touches the human heart when a life is taken so senselessly. Frank Sinclair dies as the result of an attack by a 16 year old boy.  A life taken. And where is the sense or the justice in that? Family are left distraught, friends are in mourning – the aftermath of those moments of insanity ripple out like waves on a pond visiting their tragedy upon the innocent and unsuspecting.

Yet more than this Lord, a young man’s life is left without a future to speak of. His actions so very hard to understand, impossible to justify. As we pray for Frank and his family and friends we pray to for this young man, his family and friends who have been touched, in a very different, yet equally as painful way.

Lord we pray for a hurting community to find comfort and hope; and a message of justice and forgiveness.  Lord hear us in our prayers for broken lives, broken hearts and broken relationships… Amen