Remembering Sri Lanka

White Ribbons

Across the world Christians Churches are expressing solidarity with their sisters and brothers in Christ facing violence and persecution in Sri Lanka by tying a white ribbon or strip of cloth to church railings and the like; a visible sign of our unity in Christ Jesus. We invite you to do the same at Westwood Church by tying a white ribbon or strip of cloth to our railings.

Churches been remembering persecuted Christians in our prayers. Not only the persecuted of Sri Lanka but also Egypt where the Coptic Church has endured significant persecution. There are 20 million members of the Coptic Church world-wide around 15 million of whom live in Egypt.

Greenhills Church with Sri Lankan flag at the Communion table and prayers being said for persecuted Christians.
You might like to share in the prayers we have said in Westwood church..

Father God, you call us to be one in Christ, to recognise our fellowship with all who follow the Christian faith even though that faith is expressed in ways different to our own.  In our prayers Father we remember our fellowship with those who worship in the Egyptian Orthodox Church, or Coptic Church, facing persecution. We know Lord their lives are at risk and we know that they will be faithful to you. We pray for Christian churches in Sri Lanka who feel so vulnerable.  We pray for the protection of our brothers and sisters in Christ, the strengthening of their faith and their safe passage from places of danger.  Lord hear us as we pray…