Funeral Service for Mrs Leila Love

Elizabeth Love

Linn Crem Tuesday 24/3/2020 12 noon


Can I tactfully remind you of hygiene issues in our current setting.  It is normal to shake hands or hug each other as a way of expressing compassion.  Please try to resist but if you can’t do be careful to wash hands as soon as you can afterwards.

Service Sheet

This is our time for remembering and in remembering to give thanks.  Elizabeth Love, Leila, died in Mearns House Care Home on Wednesday 11 March aged 90 years.  We cannot dispute that Leila has lived a long life.  In her 90 years we can see that life has very naturally drawn to a close, but that does not mean that we shall not miss her nor mourn for her, for we have never known life without Leila; she has simply always been there offering her love and affection and friendship. Of course, we are going to miss her, more than we might ever care to imagine.

Those memories we have of Leila bring some comfort to us at this time.  We remember Leila with great fondness because of all the good things we have shared with her.  Those same memories which make us aware of our loss also give us the opportunity to say “thank you”. The gratitude we have in our hearts will sustain us in the days and weeks to come.

We have more than memories to hold on to at this time for Leila was also a lady of faith.  She trusted in God’s promises for this life and the next.  We too can find hope and strength within God’s promise.

Let us remind ourselves of the promises our Heavenly Father has made to all his children:

I have come from heaven, not to do my will but the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of what he has given me but raise it up at the last day.

Jesus said; I am the Resurrection and the Life, he who believes in me though he die yet, shall he live, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.

Hymn – Be still for the presence of the Lord


God our Father, there are times when we need refuge our refuge and strength, be close to us during our troubled times.  Lift us from out of the darkness and turmoil of grief into the brightness and peacefulness of your presence. We turn to you and to your words of promise, so that our trust and hope may be renewed, and that we might live each day in the hope that we shall see our loved ones again in your eternal kingdom. AMEN.


Ecclesiastes 3

John 14: 1 – 6 & 27


Leila was born in 1930 at home in Greenock Road, Paisley.  She shared the family home with her elder brother Robert.  Leila was only 6 years old when her father began a new job at Hawkhead Hospital as an engineer and that determined Leila’s schooling.  Attending the John Neil Institute,  Leila showed quite a bit of promise in her education gaining prizes in Latin, English and spelling.  She also had musical talent learning to play piano, her long fingers gave her the edge over some keyboard players.

Leila progressed from school to college developing her typing and shorthand skills at Glasgow College.  Shorthand was not her best skill but she got by.  Her obvious competency in office work landed her a reasonable job as a Clerkess in the Royal Bank.  The job lasted a couple of years maybe.  It was just that period in history when the men were return from the conflicts of the Second War.  They were coming back to the jobs they had held previously; Leila found herself looking for new work.

Thankfully new work came in the form of clerical work at the Education Offices in Paisley.  It was a happy place to be not just because of work but because that is where romance began.  Leila met Ken at the Education Offices where he was a Clerk in the wages Department having returned from National Service in the Navy.

They rapidly formed a solid and loving relationship helped no doubt by the fact that they were able to see each other each day.  Ken and Leila entered into marriage on 16 July 1954.  Ken went on to gain his Accountancy Degree and qualify in Public Sector Accountancy.

Married life took them on a short tour of Scotland.  Ken and Leila settled in Elgin where Leila worked in a Solicitors office,.  They then moved to Edinburgh where twins Alison and Carol were born.  The move to Dumfries blessed them with their third daughter Jillian.  Jillian was only two or three years old when the family came to East Kilbride and a new home in Calderwood.

Family life was rich and happy but it also came with its challenges.  When Alison and Carol were born Leila was at some distance from family in Paisley who could have helped and supported her.  She did not know she was having twins until she was almost full term.  It was a real surprise, bordering on shock, to learn they needed two of everything.  Alison spent the first few weeks so her life in hospital while Leila and Carol got settled in at home.  All those midnight feeds soon had Leila exhausted and crying out for help, and the thought of Alison coming home was both lovely and very very daunting.

Leila was never scared to put in the hard work.  She dedicated herself to being the best mum she could be.  Using all of the traditional skills she had been blessed with she cooked and baked and knitted and mended and made the best of what they had.  Yes, Jillian got her big sisters hand-me-downs, whether they were still in fashion or not made no difference!

Jillian may describe herself as a bit of a daddy’s girl but all of the girls had a wonderful relationship with their mum.  When they had grown up enough to see the person their mum was they began to appreciate her skills, interests and desire-to-learn all the more.  Leila earned a little rainy day money for herself by invigilating at exams. With the proceeds she indulged in technology.  She got a VHS video player, had no problems at setting it up and laughed out loud at TV scenes playing backward.  Leila was always ready to smile, laugh, giggle, enjoy the moment and enjoy the people around her.  Her fascination with technology never changed.  Leila was a Hi tech granny with a tablet on which she did her internet shopping, and she loved it.

Family holidays tended to be straightforward occasions taking a couple of weeks in Girvan or maybe Lendlefoot.  Then they ventured to the Lake District and even to Jersey.  Sometimes it was a bit like a change of kitchen sink for Leila but as they say, a change is as good as a rest.  Maybe the most relaxing holidays Leila had were the ones she and Ken spent with her brother Rob and his wife Grace

As Ken’s career progressed so it opened up opportunities socially.  The twinning arrangement between East Kilbride and Ballerup gave Leila the opportunity to provide hospitality for visitors.  She went into overdrive with her baking and cooking skills, made visitors exceptionally welcome and created some very good friends in the process.

When all the business was over and quiet times were to hand, Leila might be found doing some knitting or maybe competing in the Curling or quietly sitting with needle and thread using her skills as a seamstress, she even gave a pottery class a go at one time.

Ever mindful of the needs of others Leila gave of her time to the East Kilbride branch of Cancer Research for whom she acted as treasurer.

As the years rolled by Leila was blessed to see her girls grow into their adult years and settle into relationships of their own.   Les and Neil were both warmly embraced within the family circle and enjoyed a good relationship with their mother-in-law.  Grandchildren Megan, Adam and Shona all had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with their grandmother.  Leila became the fount of all knowledge when it came to cooking and baking, or you might have thought so, but actually the reply was all too often, “just look it up on Google!”

Great Grandchildren Lauren and Kayla may not have had as many years in which to know Leila but they have been blessed by her presence in their lives just as they have been a blessing to her.

Ken passed away on 3rd April 2003.  She missed him greatly but was thankful for her family who made sure she was all right.  Come the weekend Leila was just one of the Saturday girls who went out for Coffee and a cake (shared of course).  It sounds simple but it was a highlight in her week that brought pleasure and reassurance to her living.  The time came of course where Leila could not continue to stay at home and she moved into Mearns House Care Home.  Family wish to express their deepest thanks to staff there who afforded Leila care and dignity and integrity in the closing stages of her life.

The time has come to say our good byes to Leila, which is never an easy thing to do; but we do it in the knowledge that she is safe with her Heavenly Father and reunited with Ken in His eternal Kingdom never to be parted.


God our Father, we thank you that you sent your son Jesus Christ to die for us and rise again. His cross declares your love to be without limit; his resurrection, that death, our last enemy, has itself died. By his victory we are assured of the promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us; that neither death nor life nor things to come, can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus the Lord.

Father God we come to you in quiet prayers of thanksgiving for all that we have shared with Leila.

We think on her young life growing up with her brother in Paisley.  We thank you for the adventures they shared in childhood.

We thank you for a bright and able girl at school who did well in her education with prizes for her achievements.

We thank you for her working life from her time in the Royal Bank, to the Education Offices and the Solicitors office in Elgin.  Leila always applied herself to the job in hand.

We thank you for her qualities as a mum and homemaker through several moves of house, through the surprise of twins, Alison and Carol and the arrival of their third daughter Jillian.  We thank you for her love as a mother-in-law and grandmother, as an aunt and sister-in-law.

We thank you for married life with Ken and the love and joy they found in each other which formed the foundations of home life.  For family holidays and memories that are precious we thank you

Lord hear us now as we come, each with our own memories and thoughts and prayers so that together we might place Leila into your everlasting arms…

Listen to these prayers we make for those who mourn.  Grant them the reassurance of your promises and remind them that life is eternal.  Now that we can no longer hold Leila hand or hear her voice we know that you shall embrace her and keep her safe until the day we are reunited with her.  In time take from them the pain of mourning and allow life to take on a freshness and newness which reveals that love and hope are eternal. AMEN

The Crematorium Committal (music – Make me a channel)

We have entrusted Leila Love into the hands of God, and now we commit her body to be cremated, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; having our whole trust and confidence in the mercy of our Heavenly Father and in the victory of his son Jesus Christ the Lord, who died, was buried, and rose again for us and is alive and reigns for ever and ever.

Hymn – The Lord’s my Shepherd


The peace of God, which passes our utmost understanding keep guard over your hearts and thoughts in Jesus Christ the Lord; and the blessing of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, be with you all.