7 Replies to “Palm Sunday”

  1. Isabel Michael

    Isabel Michael

    Thank you for today’s service and thank you to Janis and Megan for their readings.

    A lovely way to start Holy Week.

  2. Kay Whitehead

    Thank you, Janis and Megan, for taking the plunge and adding your voices to a pertinent and thoughtful Palm Sunday message from Kevin.

    • RevKev

      Morning Kay! Yes they did well both of them. Glad they were willing to take part.

  3. Anne Paul

    Good morning Kevin……A very moving Palm Sunday service thank you.. Good to see others contributing.
    Take care.

  4. Betty Hewitt

    Wonderful to know that we can still worship together in spite of difficult times

  5. Jean Hndmarch

    Managed to get the Palm Sunday service this mornng. I could not get it before but did manage to get last weeks service as well as the Thursday communion . Thank you for these. I did not realise there had been so many things on the internet but I am happy to be able to get them now although it is sporadic which might be attritable o my non usage of Facebook etc. Thank you again.Jean Hndmarch

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