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  1. Isabel Michael

    Isabel Michael

    Good morning everyone and thank you Kevin for the service this morning and the readings by Mark.

    Once again it is good to connect via modern technology.

    God Bless

  2. Edmond Sadowski

    Today just by chance I looked into the church to see if there might be a virtual service and lo and behold there was.
    I was even more pleasantly surprised to see the first screen is Joshua 1.9. Carol’s favourite bible reading.
    ”Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go.”
    May I also add in a piece that I wrote in April 2017 which I hope you find appropriate at this time.

    I am here to follow in your steps
    Along the road that you walked
    On your final journey on the stones
    That you and I passed in our travels
    In our life together.
    The people who came to praise your name
    All have been on the journey seeking your fame
    But where is the love you said was mine?
    I bowed each day and asked for a sign.
    I know you said life’s  a hard road
    And the steps up to success were narrow and cold.
    The steps down to where I am today
    Are strewn with cracks and deep dismay. As I look to where we once were I see your shadow
    On the stones I walked with you but no me beside you now.
    Yes I followed my leader this way and that But my faith is now lost as I dropped my map
    That showed the turns to take.
    You were my satnav, my pathfinder
    Your eyes  and voice lit up and told
    Us all where to find love and be kinder
    To the strangers we met along the road. Now alone we must find our own way Make up our own minds and find answers To our prayers each and every day
    Please let your soul stay with us? 18042017

    I will certainly ”look in” again next Sunday.
    Stay safe and keep smiling.

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