Service for Etta Anderson

Janet Anderson

Linn Crem Thursday 22/10/2020


We come together in the stillness of this Place of Remembrance to offer our thanksgiving for the life gifted to Janet Anderson.  Etta, she was always Etta, died in Rosaburn Care Home on Sunday 11 October aged 87 years.  Etta has resided in Rosaburn for 6 ½  challenging years. We now grieve for our loss but for Etta’s sake we are perhaps glad that her struggles have come to a gentle, peaceful end.

It is now that our memories of times shared with Etta afford us strength and hope for we can see that we have been so fortunate in this life to know her, to be loved by her, and to be able to love her in return.

We know too that Etta held to a sure and certain faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.  Just as she trusted in His promises of eternal life so we too can turn to His promises and find there hope to sustain us. 

Let’s remind ourselves of the promises our Heavenly Father has made to all his children:

Jesus said: I have come from heaven, not to do my will but the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of what he has given me but raise it up at the last day.

Jesus said: I am the Resurrection and the Life, he who believes in me though he die yet, shall he live, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.


God of all comfort, in this time of distress and grief, we have come to tell you of our sorrow, and to rest ourselves within the embrace of your love. We know you as a God of Creation who brough t all things into being, who gave us life and breath, who looked upon your creation and found us pleasing in your sight.  You love us and always will.  Set us free from our restlessness and our doubts; raise our downcast spirits from the turmoil they are in.  May your steadfast love bring peace to our hearts and minds through Christ the Lord. AMEN.


Psalm 16

1 Corinthians 13

Music for Reflection

Hymn – How Great Thou Art


Etta was born on 30th January 1933 and raised within the family home in Dalness Street, Tollcross, Glasgow, alongside her elder brother Charlie.

Etta’s childhood years were happy and enjoyable, she did well at school and was more than happy at the age of 15 years to be leaving school to head out into the big wide world to earn her way.

Etta’s first job was at Galbraith’s as a Shop Assistant.  I would not be surprised if she had to hand over some of her wages to help pay her way at home but she still had enough left over to be able to enjoy going out to the dancing.

The Dennistoun Palais was the place where many romances began.  For Etta it was no different.  It would not be entirely correct to say Etta met Sandy for the first time at the Dennistoun Palais because she actually knew him from school.  Sandy was three years older than Etta, but the Palais was the first time that something romantic sparked between them.  Sandy loved playing football, he was fit and athletic and Etta rather admired Sandy’s athleticism.  Actually, she jumped the queue at the Palais just to talk to him.  After three years of courtship they entered into marriage on 10th July 1956.  Their first home was a basement flat in Cambuslang.

Sandy concentrated on finding better paid jobs to improve their standard of living.  Sandy went from being a Scaffolder with Glasgow Corporation to working at Dalmarnock Power Station as a Rigger.  Etta concentrated on being the best mum she knew how to be.  Etta had no concerns over giving up paid employment to be a mum to Stuart and Elspeth.  The move of home to 27 Seymour Green East Kilbride, later moving to 5 Seymour Green, gave the whole family the opportunities they need to thrive.  Etta was happy just to be a full time mum, getting the kids out to school, having lunch ready for them when they came in, taking them to dental appointments, and all the rest, drying their tears and comforting their fears.  Although Etta could be straight to the point she was a very fair and gentle mum and often as not she was easier going than Sandy was.

Etta’s skills in managing the household budgets meant that there was always some savings that allowed for a family summer holiday.   Familiar destinations like Girvan, Rothesay, Croy shore and Blackpool created lasting memories of family times and freedom.  Stuart was encouraged to go on Boy’s Brigade summer camps.  All of this was budgeted for through Etta’s careful management.

As Stuart and Elspeth became more independent, Etta began looking for new avenues to explore.  She took the opportunity for occasional employment invigilating for exams at Duncanrig School and she found a new role helping in the Girl’s Brigade Company in Westwood Church eventually serving as Captain of the Company from September 1982 to May 1987.

The 4th East Kilbride Company was a busy bustling company meeting weekly in Canberra Primary School.  Our present Captain Yvonne and her sister Barbara and Lorna, who are now officers in the Company all benefitted from Etta’s influence upon their young lives.  It was Etta’s sense of fun carefully balanced with discipline and dedication that has inspired them all to remain part of Girls’ Brigade.   Just as Etta prepared for the annual display so even today Yvonne and her officers prepare  for the annual display.  It is now, as it was then, the highlight of the year!

Etta never entirely finished her connections to Girls’ Brigade.  As Church Officer, she still came over to lock up the church at the end of each Tuesday evening.  She caught the news, enjoyed seeing the girls flourish and had a sense of pride that girls she had nurtured were now running the Company.  And in some role reversal it became Yvonne that made sure Etta got home safely after locking up.

She will be very sadly missed by her GB family!

Etta has been blessed with a granddaughter Kirsty whom she saw regularly on Sunday afternoon visits in Seymour Green. There is no shadow of a doubt that Etta doted on Kirsty and looked forward to spending time with her.

On 23rd January 1977 Etta was ordained to the eldership at Westwood Church.  No one can dispute that she offered her time and talents and skills to the church.  She also served as Session Clerk for 5 years and took on the role of Church Officer which may have been the first regular paid employment Etta had since she married.  Living, as she did, so close to the church, it worked out really well for Etta and the church. And as Etta saw almost everything that went on in the church … Etta and I had many long conversations just putting the world to rights and laughing at the things that went on.  Etta had a good sense of humour, she had discretion, she was trustworthy and principled.

Sandy passed away twenty years ago and Etta coped remarkably well.  She didn’t let herself go in any way.  She continued to look after herself, presentable, hair immaculate, always!  Latterly, we were beginning to see signs of forgetfulness.  And then out of the blue Etta had a massive stroke and that changed everything.

Six years and more in care is a long time by any standards.  Family and friends have been supportive and concerned throughout that time.  Family would like to thank staff for all their work, care and compassion which has allowed Etta to have a dignified close to her days.


Loving Father, we praise you for Jesus Christ who has brought you so close to us. We live in this troubled world and must share in its pain and sorrow; but we also belong to God and can share in his joy. Our lives here are short and quickly over, yet already we are living in the hope of resurrection because of our faith in Christ. Lord, we know that we all must die, but we will live to praise your name forever through the glorious victory you won over the power of death by your life here on earth, your death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Your work, your promises will come true for us and have now come true for Etta.

Lord God, we come in thanksgiving for all that we have shared with Etta.

We thank you for those childhood years growing up in Tollcross, all the adventures and mishaps learned in the university of life, those things that built character and formed opinion and made Etta into the person who touched and blessed our lives.

We thank you for married life with Sandy.  A mutual admiration and love that stood the test of time, faced life’s hurdles together and triumphed.  We take comfort in the sure and certain hope that Sandy and Etta will be together again in God’s eternal Kingdom of love is eternal.

We thank you for Etta’s love and affection, care, compassion, disciplines and guidance as a mum to Stuart and Elspeth.  We thank you that she dedicated herself to being a mum, being home for them, creating a family life and home that was always safe and secure, warm, loving and supportive.  For the summer holidays she made possible, planned for and saved for we thank you.

We thank you for her love as a grandmother to Kirsty.  For the laughs they shared, the bond of love that has held them tight and the sharing of experiences.

We thank you for Etta’s faith in Christ expressed through the life of Westwood Church, through eldership and a commitment to Girls’ Brigade.

We thank you for Etta’s personality, her humour and astuteness, her organisational skills and commitment, her pride of appearance, her warmth and affection.

Lord in quietness of heart and thought we come to you with our own memories so that together we might place Etta into your everlasting arms…

Lord we thank  you for hearing our prayers.  Receive Etta into your eternal keeping until we are with her again in your eternal kingdom.  AMEN

The Committal

We have entrusted Etta Anderson into the hands of God, and now we commit her body to be cremated, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; having our whole trust and confidence in the mercy of our Heavenly Father and in the victory of his son Jesus Christ the Lord, who died, was buried, and rose again for us and is alive and reigns for ever and ever.

Music for Reflection

Hymn – Praise my soul the King of Heaven

Prayers for the Bereaved

Lord God hear these the prayers we make for those who are bereaved.  Grant them the reassurance of faith, the same faith which Etta possessed in you, that your promises are true, life is everlasting.  Bring them peace through the knowledge that Etta is safe in your care until the day comes that we can be reunited with her in Heaven.  Bring order where there is chaos and light where there is darkness for the sake of Christ the Lord.


And now may the Peace of God, which passes our utmost understanding keep guard over your hearts and thoughts in Jesus Christ the Lord; and the blessing of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, be with you all.  AMEN.