Tag: Community

  • A-Ten-Shun

    Lindsay Forsyth of the Men’s Fellowship takes the lead for the final speakers night of the session.

  • EK – The History Behind the Images

    Karen Scott is the guest of the Men’s Fellowship as she address local history with images of East Kilbride.  The New Town of East Kilbride may have a relatively short…

  • Forth & Clyde

    Not to be confused with any American gangsters! Tom Lawton attends to present his talk on the the history of the Forth & Clyde canal.

  • An Audience with Isobel Brodie

    If you happen to know Isobel then you wont be missing this gathering.  Isobel is a member of Westwood Church and well worth listening too!

  • Old Glasgow through the lens

    Douglas Annan displays pictures and slides of Old Glasgow.  If you want to recapture your youth, walks down memory lane and share a laugh with some of your friends of…

  • Craig Mains talks Bud Neill

    Craig Mains visit the Men’s Fellowship to deliver a talk on Bud Neill (creator of Lobey Dosser).  As with all guest speaker nights the meeting is open tall who wish…

  • Christmas Reflections

    Church members come together to lead a morning service reflecting Christmas themes through prose and poetry.  This time in the sanctuary is open to all who want to be open…

  • Watchnight Service

    A Watchnight service takes place late on Christmas Eve and is designed to quietly take us into Christmas Day.  Join us in this time of carol singing, readings, prayer and…

  • Mince Pie Monday

    Supporters of Kilbryde Hospice will want to beat a path to this Hospice Festive Fundraiser ‘Mince Pie Monday”