Westwood Church & Coronavirus


It seems only right that as Scotland prepares for an increase in confirmed cases of Coronavirus and as churches across Scotland seek to help prevent the spread of the virus that Westwood Church should inform you of its plans too.

In this respect Westwood Church is following the advice offered by the Church of Scotland. During Communion on Sunday 8 March and again on Wednesday 11 March the Common Cup will not be used other than by the minister. Everyone will therefore have an individual glass to use. This is simply good hygiene at a time when hygiene is so important.

There is no reason at this time not to shake hands or offer fellow worshippers the sign of peace (handshake or hug) during communion unless that person is obviously unwell. Hygiene still remains key to this practice. Wash hands frequently and thoroughly (at least 20 seconds of washing) do not touch mouth, eyes or nose with unwashed hands.

Coughs, sneezes and blowing of the nose should be into a tissue which is to be disposed of after use and hands washed afterward.