Sunday Video Gathering

Join me in this video offering for Sunday 22nd March 2020. It’s not church like it usually is but it’s still a way of being close to God at 10.30am on Sunday morning!

Let me know how it works for you? Leave a comment below.

4 Replies to “Sunday Video Gathering”

  1. Anne Paul

    Thank you Kevin. Your message is very clear.
    May you also find Peace, Time to be still and Comfort
    from the knowledge that God will NEVER forsake you.

  2. Kay Whitehead

    Monday, and have just found Sunday’s service. I was conscious of the empty space yesterday morning and wish I had thought to look on the website – the obvious place, of course! Thank you, Kevin, for your message to us all and for keeping our worship community alive.

  3. Raymond Thomson

    Thank you Kevin for your words of inspiration for the Sunday service and Wednesday prayers . This has given me and Maureen a wee lift during this situation. We are all praying that God will keep us healthy and safe.
    Regards Raymond . God bless.

  4. Isabel Michael

    Tuesday afternoon and I have just watched the Sunday Service video and it has filled the gap I felt on Sunday morning and Wednesday prayers.
    Thank goodness for modern technology when we are still able to receive worship during this worrying time.

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