Church and Tier 4 Restrictions

Let me say at the outset it is still our intention to resume worship in Church on Sunday 29 November at 10.30am. By that date we will be into Tier 4 Restrictions which means that the maximum number of people who can be in the church will be 20 (including the Minister and those on door duties). This will leave capacity for 15 members of the congregation to attend worship.

We anticipate that by Sunday 13 December we will return to previous seating capacity of between 24 and 39 members of the congregation able to attend worship.

It may then, be all the more important for you to be able to continue with our worship videos over the two or three weeks. To do so you will need to sign up to our email newsletter and choose the “Worship Video” preference. You’ll find the link to the newsletter sign up toward the foot of the home page.