Lent is for listening (week 1)

The First Week of Lent

In the quietness of evening, in place of your normal bed time reading take some time to listen.

A Lent study for these unorthodox and strange times.

Bob Fyffe, General Secretary of CTBI, comments:

This year’s Lent programme is somewhat different from previous years. It is the outcome of a partnership which is rooted in fulfilling an elderly gentleman’s dream.

John Alan Davis visited his wife every day as she lived with dementia. As Alan explains “during this period, and after Pat died in 2014, I turned to the only place of comfort I knew: my faith. The task brought the life of Jesus and the relevance of his message closer to me. It became, as much as anything else, a way of staunching the wound of a personal tragedy.”

It is here that we can recognise the relevance of a Lent program. This gospel version, written in verse, is the outcome of a deep engagement with God in Christ. To listen to the sound files of this gospel being read out loud is to be taken onto a journey with someone who has clearly walked and experienced all of life’s contours. When I first heard Alan reciting his Poets Gospel I was immediately moved and realised that this journey could bring some healing to so many other people.

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