Ukraine Appeal

We are supporting Father Rafals collection heading to Poland.

We are happy for items to be brought to Westwood Parish Church if that is more convenient to you and we wil transport them to St. Vincent’s for the appointed collection times.

They are looking for….

  • New blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Warm clothing/boots 
  • Toiletries
  • Sanitary products
  • Nappies/wipes
  • Bottled water (packs of small bottles)
  • Sweets/biscuits
  • Dried food and tinned food
  • Tin openers
  • Medication and first aid items
  • Vacuum bags to minimise the space taken in the van.
  • If anyone still has their baby box with mattress we are looking to collect and fill them with baby items. 
  • Any unused medication (still in date)

Items can be taken to St Leonard’s church hall


St Vincent’s Church this Friday 4th March 6.00pm – 7.30pm


Saturday 12th March 12noon-2.30pm

Thank you for your continued support.

Download the above list here

If you wish to donate to this cause directly you can do so at Father Rafal’s GoFundMe page using the button below

2 Replies to “Ukraine Appeal”

  1. RevKev

    As of the evening of Thursday 10 March we have stopped taking in further donations until we can transport what has already been gifted. If or when we can resume collections we’ll let you know.

    Thank you for all you’ve done!

  2. Annette McLeod

    I have loads to donate to the Ukraine appeal as my family all contributed- will keep in the house for a few weeks to see if another truck is going to Ukraine – I will keep checking your website – such a good cause 😀 😊

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