Day Two


A lie in. Isn’t that what Sundays are for? Then up, shower, down for breakfast brought to the table. Absolutely nothing to complain about. Except for the things I’m going to complain about.

The hotel is fine but church is not. Church seems to make the same mistakes all the time. Communication.

I’ve done the Sunday morning at St. Giles Cathedral before. It’s not my thing. So this year was an opportunity to visit a City Centre Church and see what goes on locally. A knew which church I wanted to go to (it shall remain un-named) as I would be at an event there on the Sunday afternoon. Checked the website – 10.30am service. Perfect.

A nice walk across Princes Street gardens, arrived to the church in good time. Doors locked. I waited. Doors open. I recognise the minister. “Good morning! Is it OK to go in? You have a 10.30 service.” “Eh, no!” comes the reply. “Sorry, we couldn’t hold the morning service and set up for the afternoon event so we cancelled the morning service.”

OK. I understand the reasoning, but why not update the website? The only thing worse than no information is wrong information. Too often we think if we’ve informed the congregation we’ve informed everyone that needs to know. So why have a website for the world to see? Why promote ourselves online and leave people misinformed and disappointed?

Do we simply not think it through? Do we not have the skills or people to keep websites up to date? Whatever the reason the outcome is the same. We are terrible at getting communication consistent and accurate. We have a message to communicate and can’t even get the basics of dates and times right.

Rant over.

Leave your thoughts below.

Right then. Back from afternoon event at said church which went so well. Swing band for music and representation from many denominations. It was actually uplifting and good to be there.

Day Two over.