Day Six


Last day of business. (sigh of relief!) Not anticipating anything hugely interesting today. And I have done my 12 out of 15 business session. Can head for home any time really.

Lord Bishop Sentenu addresses the Assembly.

Housing and Loan Fund report – probably going to need them that day when retirement comes along. All passes without debate, comment or question.

Nomination Committee – the task of finding people to serve on the standing committees of the church. Most of the committees are currently below full membership. Even finding suitably qualified and experienced candidates to be Moderator of General Assembly has required some creativity on behalf of the committee.

Finding the required percentage of committee members under the age of 35 is also challenging, currently there is only one person who at time of nomination was in the age group 30 – 34. The church still orientates toward weekday daytime meetings which can exclude many people from taking part.

Report on Deceased Ministers, Deacons and Missionaries – a respectful moment during which our own Agnes Tait was named and remembered amongst others.

Assembly Procedures – Assembly 2023 a continued investment in online, hybrid meetings.