KiltWalk (EK Churches Route)

Like so many other charities we need to get ourselves back on our feet.  Here’s a way of helping us do that.

East Kilbride Westwood Parish Church of Scotland SC001857  is now registered with the KiltWalk and will receive an additional 50% from the Hunter Foundation on top of your donations for our sponsored walk.

We’ll be walking a 9 mile route through East Kilbride that visits each Church of Scotland building.  Click the link below if you want to see the route.

Google Route Map

You might want to join the team and help raise funds through your own KiltWalk page or you might want to simply make a donation.  Either way your support is gratefully received.

The event is finished.


24 Apr 2021


13:30 - 17:00




Westwood Parish Church
Belmont Drive, East Kilbride
Donate at the KiltWalk page

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