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Quizzical? May 2021

A fun online quiz in support of the life and work of Westwood Parish Church SC001857

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Category: Trivia

What is a tiered Asian tower with several eaves?

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Category: Trivia

Where would you normally find an expansion tank?

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Category: Trivia

What country saw the rise of the Yellow Vest Movement in 2018?

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Category: Trivia

In what city is the Reichstag building?

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Category: Trivia

Who flew too close to the sun so that the wax in his wings melted?

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Category: Trivia

What was Nostradamus known for?

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Category: Trivia

When did Nelson Mandela become President of South Africa?

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Category: Trivia

What is the largest Russion airline?

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Category: Trivia

How many months in the Gregorian calendar year have exactly 30 days?

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Category: Trivia

Which of these animals is primarily a herbivore?

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Category: Trivia

Who was leader of Italy during World War II?

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Category: Trivia

Which of these fruits has the highest protein density?

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Category: Trivia

Which ancient city was known for its hanging gardens?

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Category: Trivia

Before becoming President, Bill Clinton was governor of which State?

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Category: Trivia

The Fosbury Flop is a technique used in which sport?

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Category: Trivia

Who published a story about an aging Cuban fisherman?

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Category: Trivia

Which lizard is able to change the colour of its skin?

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Category: Trivia

What organisation awards the British equivalent of the American Oscars?

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Category: Trivia

Juan Peron was President of which country?

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Category: Trivia

The flag of which country is a white background with a red circle?

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Category: Trivia

What is the highest mountain in Wales?

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Category: Trivia

What is classified by the Scoville scale?

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Category: Trivia

Which of these countries borders Chad?

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Category: Trivia

Which musical is based loosely on a Shakespeare play?

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Category: Trivia

Two towns are 3cm apart on a 1:50,000 map.  What is the real distance between the towns in kilometres? (Km)

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Category: Trivia

Stavanger is a town in which country?

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Category: Trivia

Which of these technologies is the newest?

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Category: Trivia

What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet?

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Category: Trivia

In what year was Hitler appointed as Chancellor of Germany?

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Category: Trivia

Which animal can be used to aid hunting rabbits?

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