Tag: Fellowship

  • Praise & Pancakes

    Join together in Mossneuk Parish Church for an evening of praise with pancakes tea or coffee to follow.

  • Lent Pilgrimage

    At the beginning of Lent local East Kilbride Churches come together in a shared pilgrimage to journey together, worship together and eat together. This year’s pilgrimage will most likely take…

  • Summer Outing

    We hope summer will have arrived by the time the Summer Outing takes place.  Leisure Club will confirm the destination for their trip in due course.  In the meantime get…

  • AGM

    Tuesday Leisure Club come to the end of their season (almost) with their AGM and entertainment from Harvie Music.

  • The Story of Eleanor Roosevelt

    Who knew there was a story to tell?!!!  If you’re in the dark about Eleanor’s story then this might be one of the best afternoons you’ll have had in quite…

  • Suffragettes

    Lesley McIlhagger accepts the invitation to be with the Tuesday Leisure Club to address the topic of the Suffragettes.

  • Loaves & Fishes

    The Ladies hope to have the pleasure of a guest speaker from East Kilbride charity Loaves & Fishes (to be confirmed)

  • Rover’s Return

    Rev John Brewster, more travelled than Alan Wicker, drops into the Ladies’ Fellowship meeting to share his insights, photographs and impressions of his many travels.  All Welcome

  • A-Ten-Shun

    Lindsay Forsyth of the Men’s Fellowship takes the lead for the final speakers night of the session.