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  • One for the ladies!

    The most recent of our organisations to make a come back is the Ladies’ Fellowship. As the name suggests it has always orientated itself toward activities and interests most associated […]

  • Sheana’s Card Stall

    Sheana’s Card Stall is familiar to those who attend or visit Westwood Parish Church. Conveniently located in the Hall of Fellowship just at the front entrance of the church many […]

  • Man Cave?

    For too long we’ve been hiding at home, anxious about the spread of Covid 19. We certainly have not eradicated the virus but we have reacehd a point where it’s […]

  • Quizzical? March Results

    For those who have been following the leaderboard it comes as no surprise that we are congratulating Ian McKay as the March 2021 winner with an incredible 93%. Ian, you […]