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Coronavirus Update (26/03/2021)

The Scottish Government has given permission for Places of Worship to re-open from Friday 26 March. This means Westwood Church is open for worship at 10.30am on Sunday 28th March (Palsm Sunday) and every Sunday after that (unless circumstances change in the future).

Numbers able to attend are restricted in all Places of Worship to a maximum of 50 people. In Westwood Church we can accomdate between 24 and 39 people socially distanced. Those attending worship must adhere to Covid regulations by wearing a face covering, using hand sanitisers, providing contact details at time of reserving a seat and having their temperature taken as they enter the church.

Worship videos will continue in the mean time as we are aware that not everyone who wishes to attend church may be able to get a seat. Worship videos will only be available by email.

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