Sing-a-long Saturday

Did you choose to stay in on Saturday 7th Oct and look out at grey skies, the rain splashing in the puddles?

Sure it was a miserable day but not so much at Westwood Church. We went ahead with our Saturday Sing a Long fundraiser for the church. It was a gentle afternoon in good company, people laughed, smiled, enjoyed tea and scones and browsed the art works on loan to us for the occasion.

Here’s just a wee video from the occasion… (you might want to unmute the sound; then again!!!)

I did mention the art works didn’t I ?… You can almost see them in the background of the video. Here’s just a sample of the works on loan to us from Bert Howie, Isobel Brodie and Bernadette Russell. Bert and Isobel are both members at Westwood. We feel blessed to have artistic talents like this in our midst. Enjoy the show…

So how about next time you just ignore the weather, get out the door and join in !

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