Church Halls

Organisations using the church halls must complete this form on exit. It is important that everyone leaves the halls clean, tidy and Covid safe for the next hall user.

If you wish to report broken, damaged or unsafe items in the halls please send an email to: [email protected]

Church Hall User Form
Please Enter Your Name
Please Enter Your Name
Chairs Stacked
Equipment Stored Away
Floors Swept
Bins Emptied & Bin Liners Replaced
Toilets Cleaned
Contact Surfaces Disinfected
Windows closed
Fire Exit Doors Shut
Have you used the kitchen?
Crockery and utensils put away
Work tops tidy and cleaned with Sterex
Kitchen bin emptied and liner replaced
Tea towels taken home
Have you used the dishwasher?
Dishwasher drained down
Filters cleaned and replaced
Are you last out and locking the church?
All windows closed
All Lights Off
Extraction system off
Intruder Alarm Set
Doors Locked