A Day of National Reflection

We each reflect in our own way

Some will have a moment of stillness to remember a friend or family member who passed away directly as a result of Covid19. Others will not want to dwell on painful experiences that are still to raw to revisit.

Like all church communities, Westwood Church is frequenbtly involved with families who are grieving. Today we stop to remember those whose grieving has in some way been touched by the pandemic from 23rd March 2020. Some will have lost a family member directly as a result of Covid19. Some will have lost family through underlying health issues exacerbated by Covid19. Some will have lost a family member through other unrelaed causes but all will have had to prepare for funeral services in unusual circumstances with limited attendances, no hugs or handshakes, face coverings and no hymns or songs to sing, no coming together for after service teas in local hotels. None have been able to receive the customary support of the people who know and love them gathering together in community to share the pain of grief.

Some had hoped to hold a Service of Thanksgiving or arrange an Interment of Ashes when times allowed everyone to gather. Those times are not with us yet.

Today, as we did in Advent, Westwood Church will be taking flowers to those whose grieivng we have entered into as a way of showing that they are not forgotten.

Take a few minutes to remember the families of those we remember here.

  • Elizabeth Love
  • Margaret Beattie
  • Douglas Smith
  • John Daly
  • Anne Mackenzie
  • Jean Kerr
  • James Shaw
  • Helen Strachan
  • Les Mitchell
  • Andrew Lindsay
  • Olive Mitchell
  • Janet Taylor
  • Douglas McQueen
  • Sylvia Morrison
  • Olive Robb
  • Margaert Sutherland
  • Andrew Sim
  • Etta Anderson
  • Margaret Wilson
  • Derek Cree
  • Rachel Briggs
  • Jeanete Pollock
  • Bella Cross
  • Peggy Daly
  • Ena Galloway
  • Helen Allan
  • Jean Swan
  • Ena Cunningham
  • May Richford
  • Douglas Powell
  • John Owens
  • Margaret King
  • Jenny Gilmour
  • Tom Liddell
  • Bob Nutt

We invite you to be part of this Day of Reflection. You may wish to use the commenting feature to leave a message of support, condolence or offer a prayer for others to join in with.


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