Sheana’s Card Stall

Sheana’s Card Stall is familiar to those who attend or visit Westwood Parish Church. Conveniently located in the Hall of Fellowship just at the front entrance of the church many find it a perfect way to browse for those last minute greetings cards or even to plan in advance while at church.

Sheana’s Card Stall has a wide variety of competitively priced cards covering many of life’s celebratory times. We are grateful to those who supported Sheana’s Card stall during the difficult times we have been living in, choosing to purchase from the stall rather than online or in the shops. It is a valuable and convenient service, supportive of church income and the prices are great compared to the card shops and supermarkets.

In adddition to the factory produced cards there is also a range of craft cards and gift boxes hand made by Kay Whitehead and Margo Loy, both very talented ladies! And if you are looking for a small gift to accompany that greeting card you’ll find some “Dougie Bags” crafted by Maureen Thomson from Dougie McQueen’s neck ties. The “Dougie Bag” is ideal for storing reading glasses, small bottles of hand sanitiser or pens. Every “Dougie Bag” is individual and rather charming. Purchase a Westwood Church ball point pen to go with that “Dougie Bag” and you have a charming and practical gift for a friend’s special occasion. A word of thanks to Marion Dickie for donating the customised pens. The range of cards and gifts changes all the time. You never know what you will find on the stall; sometimes even pansies brought on by Kevin Smith.

Please keep your eye on the stall as we have a great assortment of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and other bits and pieces you may need for Christmas. Thanks once again.


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