We’re Turning 60 !!!

On 19 May 1962 the congregation that was to form Westwood Parish Church of Scotland gathered together for the very first time. Duncanrig Secondary school was the setting for this gathering of church folks. Duncanrig Secondary School continued to be home to the congregation until the first dedicated church building was erected at the top of Belmont Drive around 1964. That building is long since gone and was replaced in 1993 by the building currently in use.

We’ve had a few such anniversary celebrations across the years marking milestones on our journey but never of the building itself, but always of the gathering of people in praise and worship and service to Jesus Christ.

So here we are in 2022 marking 60 years since it all began. Things are so diffferent now to where it all began yet, different does not mean that we should be sad mourning for the good old days when 12 double decker busses were needed to take the Sunday School off on their summer outing. We are what we are, smaller, older (and wiser one hopes) yet still blessed with a gladness at being together, caring for each other and supporting each other. We still turn our attentions to the needs of our community and the world beyond doing what we can to support local charities like Loaves and Fishes, or appeals to help refugees from Ukraine.

If you haven’t found your way back to Westwood Church since the pandemic took hold of our lives then maybe Sunday 15 May is the time to do it. You may be surprised at what we’ve done with the place. The sanctuary has a relaxed setting, seating is not squeezed together everyone has elbow room, and tables around the sanctuary encourage you to stay on for tea when the act of worship concludes. Yes, of course there are teas and coffees after the service and on 15 May we’ll have a special celebration cake to share as well. What’s not to like? !!! On Sunday 15 May at 10.30am we give thanks and celebrate.

Will you join us?

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