Friends of Dunedin Park

Friends of Dunedin Park

Summer Fundraiser Event 31st July ’22

At Westwood Church we like to try to be supportive of community initiatives of which Friends of Dunedin Park is one.

Dunedin Park hosts a rugby pitch plus two football pitches as well as other open spaces. It is used extensively by dog walkers and parents with children at the (small) swing park. Duncanrig School uses the pitches too. But it could be used far more by the whole community. We are fortunate to have such a large open space on our door step. If we don’t use it we’ll lose it.

Not everything is as it should be though with that swing park having some very old equipment in it and the pavilion for the pitches being a very tired building not suitable for use as a changing facility any more. Sadly, the park is part of that downward spiral in facilities we see in East Kilbride. The Council are reluctant to invest in a facility that is underused. It is underused because of the poor invetment in it over many years.

So, it’s time to bring things up to date. And that requires effort and enthisiasm and some realistic goals.

Grant funding is available for upgrade projects but can only be accessed if Friends of Dunedin Park can show their intent to make things happen. So, step one is to raise some funds. Could you give a donation to help raise that £6,000 target? You can make a gift on their Just Giving Page.

You can also lend support by joining the Friends of Dunedin Park Facebook page.

And they hope to see you at the Park on Sunday 31st July.

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