Your Elder Your District and You

It has taken some amount of time to go through the process of rearranging Elders districts so that every church member has access to a church elder.  Elder’s districts are now noticeably larger than they have ever been both in number of households and in geographical area.  To make this manageable you will be able to discuss with your elder the option of an in-person visit or a phone call and / or receiving a newsletter in print or by email.  You can change your options at any time.  We acknowledge that this is experimental but we are optimistic that it is workable.  We will not be returning to the distribution of Communion cards as clearly not all members will be receiving an in-person visit from their elder.

If you use email we would encourage you to sign up with the church’s email newsletter.  You can do that on the church website, you’ll find the link on the footer of the home page.  or you can click on th ebutton below. We are trying to find effective ways of keeping everyone informed and email is a fast and cost effective way of doing that.

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