Working Group

A small delegation form Greenhills and Westwood met for the first time on the evening of Tuesday 20th February. We had each gathered some thoughts together but had not set ourselves an agenda as such. After some introductions we enjoyed a broad ranging conversation which sometimes went off at a tangent and then returned to the matter in hand. Everything was good humoured, helpful and open minded – just how you’d want it to be. We want our future union to be the best of both, the best of Westwood and Greenhills.

It was good to meet Carol, Helen, Donald, Ella, Chris and Lynn from Greenhills and I’m sure they felt the same about meeting up with Elspeth, Janet, June and Rev Kev!

Here’s a few pointers toward our first steps:

  • Sharing intimations and notices
  • Coming together in celebration of the Lord’s Supper
  • We’ll work on overcoming transport issues
  • Holy Week services will provide an opportunity for members of both congregations to be together
  • Sharing and supporting each other in resources like hall space and hall rental.

As always you can leave comments, thoughts and suggestions below.

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