Just One Thing…

Now we all know times are challenging. We hear about it on the news; how people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet even if they are in employment.

Westwood Church has always been a big supporter of East Kilbride charity Loaves and Fishes. We do what we can to help but after a visit from Lesley Davidson Chair person at Loaves and Fishes we were left in no doubt that we could do more and should do more. The level of need in East Kilbride is frightening.

Just One Thing is our way of helping. To put it simply we are asking every member of the congregation to bring in just one item for Loaves and Fishes each week. One packet of biscuits OR one tin OR one item of toiletries OR one pack of disposable nappies OR … well you’ve got the gist. One item each week from the congregation would put 90 items on the Loaves and Fishes table. AND one item wont stretch our individual budgets so much as to be unmanageable. Like the old Scottish saying “mony a meikle makes a muckle.”

Westwood Parish Church is open Sunday mornings 9.30am to 12noon and Wednesday 10am to 2pm so if you feel you would like to help others in this very simple way you too can pass on Just One Thing each week. Drop into the church during those opening times and leave your gift – Just One Thing. Or if you know someone who attends Westwood Church you would be welcome to pass that One Thing on through them.

And if you want to know why Loaves and Fishes are finding it so hard to keep up these days then it’s like this… demand for their service has gone from 30 food parcels per week to 160+ per week; more than quadrupled. The need is there and the need is real.

Pick Just One Thing from the items below: 

Any tinned fruitNoodles (both Pot and packet)Jam
Tins of CustardMug ShotsFrey Bentos Pies
Tins of Rice PuddingPasta ‘n’ SauceJars of Sauce
Tinned VegetablesMicrowave RicePassata
Tinned PotatoesBags of RiceLong Life Milk
Chopped TomatoesTinned MealsDiluting Juice
SpaghettiCup a SoupsSugar
MeatballsCerealStock Cubes
TunaCrisps / SweetsTea / Coffee
Tinned MeatDisposable Baby NappiesSalt
Bleach (Spray or Bottle) Cleaning ProductsToiletries (Ladies & Gents)
Shaving productsShampooShower Gels / Hand Soap

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