One Voice Newsletter April 2024

Westwood Community One Voice Newsletter 8 Apr 24

Hello (Again) Community Member 

One Voice are keen to keep you updated with further actions and information to date with regards to the Ward 7 Community Facility Review dated Sep 23: 

  • Due to the Community Council now no longer existing the One Voice Sub Group cannot function 
  • Former One Voice Group members do remain to work for the community with regards to the review and its out comes
  • The SLC Budget meeting occurred on Feb 24 
  • The SLC Budget has potential funding to support Community Asset Transfers (CAT)
  • There is early indication of interested parties to support a CAT Light for Westwood Hall, more volunteers required.  
  • Due to the structural concerns of Red Deer Centre, it will close (Apr 24 expected)
  • There is time and facilities available at Westwood Hall to support the Red Deer Groups 
  • Red Deer Bowling Club are meeting with SLC as they have different Terms and Conditions 
  • Social Work are meeting with Red Deer Groups on Wednesday to inform with regards to other facilities to use 

At the Westwood Community Council AGM in March 2024 vacant posts were not able to be filled (Treasurer and Secretary). This resulted in the Westwood Community Council agreeing that they would be unable to continue with their duties at this time and informed SLC accordingly. A request to potentially create a joint Hairmyres and Westwood Community Council was raised but this requires legislation change and is currently not an option, however, SLC are reviewing current boundaries so this may be an option in the future.  

The former One Voice Sub Group although no longer representing the Community Council, still continues to function and meet with stakeholders to develop a response to The Facility Review to support the Community interest. 

Following the SLC Budget in Feb 24 there was a confirmed reduction to the Leisure and Culture funding which has resulted in the proposed closure of a number of facilities across SLC which included Westwood Hall. The date identified for closure is 1 May 2024, however, there is potential funding from SLC to support a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) for a period of approx. 12 months (full details of this are yet to be understood). There are already 3 groups and a number of individuals who have expressed an interest in being involved in the CAT process. More volunteers are required to realise this. An expression of interest was submitted to the SLC CAT Officer. A CAT Light lease application document has been received but not yet submitted. A further meeting is required to discuss (Wed 10 Apr).

The Social Work Dept. is closing Red Deer Centre due to structural and safety concerns and are meeting with user groups with regards to identifying alternative accommodation. Groups are encouraged to apply to utilise Westwood Hall as hopefully this will become a Community Centre of the future. 

Dunedin Park Pavilion.

A  Sports Club still remain interested in undertaking a Community Asset Transfer. They are having ongoing discussions with Mr Iain Mulholland, SLC Community Asset Transfer Officer, to progress this option. 

A proposed meeting date is the 6 May at 1900hrs to discuss this further and allow any community member to ask questions about the CAT Light and what is being proposed. Venue TBC.

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