Category: Worship

  • Sunday 3 July ’22

    Praise – God sent his son Scripture Luke 10: 1 – 11 Galatians 6: 7 – 18 Gathering Prayer In quiet prayer, with grateful hearts, Lord God we acknowledge you […]

  • Sunday 26 June ’22

    Welcome! The Prayer of a refugee I pray that the Home Office will make the asylum process easy and faster. Also not allow the establishment of a two-tier refugee system […]

  • Sunday 19 June ’22

    Welcome! The prayers and address included here were prepared for worship at Hamilton Gilmour Whitehill and Hamilton West Churches as they celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Lord you have come to […]

  • Sunday 12 June 2022

    Welcome! Beauty for Brokenness Scripture John 16: 12 – 15 Romans 5: 1 – 5 Prayers of Approach This day as we gather together we are glad to see familiar […]

  • Sunday 29 May 2022

    Welcome! We know not everyone who is part of Westwood Church is able to be in church on Sunday morning however, we though it would be good to offer some […]

  • One for the ladies!

    The most recent of our organisations to make a come back is the Ladies’ Fellowship. As the name suggests it has always orientated itself toward activities and interests most associated […]